Sunday, May 29, 2016

life between two worlds

                                               Hi there this is Chris , Ashleys husband .

 i am not a writer and i won't pretend to be one in this post . i have never written a blog post but i feel as though i should let some stuff out .   I will call this a life between two worlds as this is how i feel .
Every time i leave the US to come to Tonga or from Tonga to the US , there is a great battle in me , that can last a few days ,to a few months . i feel as though i can't move forward in anything that is pressing on my heart . when i come to Tonga i give up my rights to a life in the US , a house ,family ,friends and so on . when i am state side i work as much as possible to try and save to head back to Tonga , to our stick house in the bush , but when i am in NH -MA i fall in love with the amazing people that are there . so i become torn .  i  am very much attracted to the good life  that the US can offer me . when its time to say good bye  again . i mostly cant wait to return to the people that i was called to . Back to Tonga . my love for our friends and family in Tonga is very strong , so strong that i can't stay away . but i know its Christ that gives me that type of love .

Every time i return my house and some important things get destroyed or blow away in the wind . So i wipe my eyes , pick up my tools and rebuild . this has created a fear in me that has held me back . i know its silly .. but i get tired of leave the place i was called to , to go to a place where i cant move forward just to be waiting to get back to the place that i will have to rebuild . .

so for the past few years we have been waiting and looking for land to build a camp . Thinking i needed the land to even try to step forward .   2 weeks ago we looked out the front of our bush house and saw we had everything we needed to start this camp . we have a massive cement slab , the second my eyes where open to this , i found so much joy .  its like the spirit opened my eyes to see . so this up coming week i will take the money we raised for the warehouse and start getting wood to build Tonga's very first skateboard park . . it will have to be a closed park . which means we cant just let the whole Island come at once or when ever they want . the land we have our house on is a gift to us that we do not want to take advantage of . so please pray that land will present it self to us so we can grow and when i say grow i mean it . this Island and its youth are starving for new things  like skateboarding  . and also will help the deportees in so many ways . the money we are raising now will help build the ramps and the paint to protect them .

We are so happy to see these thing come in to play and we are looking forward to see them unfold .
 so please keep us in your prayers . that we won't give up or give in

One hope One life One love