Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visa applications have arrived!

Tonga time is not like our time here in the U.S.  The last time i posted we were just sending out our visa application. In January.  And now, in the last few days of February they have arrived!  I actually sent out  copies of the forms in the beginning of February in case our original forms got lost.  They didn't.  Both packages arrived at the same time (not sure the logic there).
According to Kamu they will bring the papers to the consulate within the week and give us a call and we'll find out when we need to leave here.  Yikes.  I'm getting a wee bit scared.

So what have we been up to this past month?  Carvings! Lot's of them.  The plan is to sell them to fund our move!  Plane tickets one-way will cost around $4,000 for all of us.  And there's repatriation and medical evacuation insurance, living expenses, and utility costs.  We'll be putting them all up on facebook for whoever is interested!