Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Visas' can be fun

nice picture of Chris in Tonga
Still working on our visas.  I feel like that has been our status for months now.  Oh wait, it has!  Tonga's visas seem more complicated than most.  (i'm guessing, i don't really know).  Here's the latest issue.
We need insurance called repatriation.  It insures Tonga that we have a way out of the country.  The insurance company (seven corners-i'm actually quite happy with their customer service, very nice folk over their) can't give us the insurance until we know our departure date, well, we won't know our departure date until we know our visas are approved.
           So it's a cruel cycle.  I all ready sent in our payment, but we now have to wait for it to be returned and then reapply for a different type of insurance.  With this insurance we can cancel before the date of departure and get a full refund,  but at least we'll have proof when we send in the visa.  Then later when we get visa approved i can take that money and once again apply for the other insurance when i know the departure date.
           Being the panicky person i be at times i was a bit concerned since the guaranteed cancellation refund insurance is about $400 more.  And if we don't do this soon all the dated proofs for the visa need to be redone (like the chest x-rays, blood work, and police records).  Thankfully a wonderful and well-bearded man is lending us the money until Chris goes back to work.  Once our visas are sent to Kamu and Saane we will then need to send $800 for the visa fee.
            No, we don't have that either.  I hesitate to ever bring up finances.  We would never want to burden or guilt anyone.  But, we wouldn't want to deny anyone the joy in giving and sharing in this privilege we have.  And boy, does it cost money. We will be setting up an account in the States that funds can be put into for the specific purpose of supporting us and our basic needs in Tonga.

I read this the other day and really like it...maybe you will to...
"Not to us, Yahweh, not to us,
but to Your name give glory
because of your faithful love, because of
Your truth."
                       Psalm 115:1

"Turn my heart to Your decrees
and not to material gain.
Turn my eyes
from looking at what is worthless;
give me life in Your ways."
                       Psalm 119:36-37

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Ready

These are mango trees and soon we'll be eating mangos here!  We've almost completed our visas and just need to finish up a few other requirements.  It's been alot of work but we're almost done!  Can't wait to send them out and see what happens.