Saturday, September 13, 2014


This past month has been such an encouragement to Chris and I.  Chris' brother Jonny made a great mini documentary explaining our life and how we lived in Tonga.  It has been up on YouTube and the responses have been so amazing.  It is humbling.  It is humbling when you see yourself and know your faults and mistakes and yet GOD still uses you.

I feel i keep hammering this same point. But i can't get over it and keep being confronted with it.  Being brought to a place where we see ourselves for who we really are is essential.  Knowing the darkness we are capable of is important.  When we are confronted with the evil within us we are then eventually able to have compassion on others who do evil things.  But what is also amazing is that GOD takes us even in our failures and can use us wildly when we are willing and take steps of faith.  We have been brought to tears from encouraging emails or texts from people who have seen the documentary and all i keep thinking is, "why?  I messed up so bad, i was so angry at God, i wanted to quit. How is God doing this?"  And yet it's confirming for me to see how God works in real life.  He uses real people in there very real messes and failures.  We have to be willing, we have to take that step of faith.  It will be painful as some things are being stripped away but when goodness shines through you know and the world knows it's not you doing this but the beauty of the the grace of God.

I am well aware i may need to be reminded of this in the following months as we plan on leaving for Tonga soon.  We have almost all of our ticket money and as soon as we do we will have a date of departure.  We have some uncertainty of where to live and our kids are getting to heavy to be carried on bicycles so their are many things to pray about.  We hope to spend this next year focusing on our non-profit One Love Inc. and getting land to get it going.  Of course there are many needs (isn't there always?) pray we can trust God's faithfulness and be reminded of how He answered in the past.